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Jamie McClendon
For the People

Jamie McClendon was born in Frankfurt, Germany while her parents, James McClendon and Julie McPhee, were stationed at an U.S. army base. Due to her parents being in the army, her family moved around a lot until her parents were divorced in the mid-1980s. Her mother moved with Jamie and her younger daughter, Jillian, to Madison, WI with just two small suitcases. Eventually, Jamie's family moved to DeForest, WI until Jamie graduated high school from DeForest High School.

Jamie continued her education at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where she graduated with a degree in Political Science. After undergraduate school, Jamie attended law school at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law. Throughout college and law school, Jamie dedicated her time to various public defenders 
offices including: Wisconsin Public Defender's Office in LaCrosse, City of Phoenix Public Defender's Office, and the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office. These experiences allowed her see the importance of protecting people's constitutional rights and gain the knowledge to navigate a complicated legal system.

 Jamie began working at the Wisconsin Public Defender's Office as an attorney in Racine, WI in 2011. She worked as an attorney in Racine County until the end of 2015 when she moved to Washington County to be closer to her soon-to-be husband.

In 2017, Jamie and her husband moved back to Racine so she could begin her own practice as a criminal defense attorney. Jamie again began defending the people of Racine County in March 2017 and is continuing to do so.

In May of 2017, Jamie lost her mother to a brain degenerative disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Until then, her mother had worked 30 years in a factory in Madison, WI. Her mother's dedication to the people she loved and her steadfast work ethic are two qualities Jamie is glad she has inherited from her mother. One of her proudest professional moments is being able to go to court for her mother so she could become her mother's legal guardian. Her mother had sacrificed so much for her to become an attorney, it was only fitting that she could use her legal knowledge and experience to protect her mother's best interest. Around the same time, Jamie became an aunt for the first time when her sister gave birth to her gorgeous niece

Now, Jamie is running for judge in Racine County. She looks forward to meeting and learning more about all the citizens of Racine to continue her career in protecting people's rights.

Jamie McClendon is running for Racine Circuit Court Judge, Branch 7. Her experience as an attorney representing the people of Racine County since 2011 makes her the best candidate to know what the people of Racine County need to have on the judicial bench. 


This experience includes:

Felony Cases
Misdemeanors Cases
Juvenile Delinquencies
Juvenile Waivers to Adult Court Hearings
Expulsion Hearings
Children in Need of Protection (CPS) Cases
Mental Health Commitments
Protective Placements and Services for the Elderly
Jury Trials
Court Trials
Motion Hearings
Appellate Motions Writing